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Juntos Adelante Review for May 2022 (English)

Welcome to the first English monthly review of Juntos Adelante, the first personal finance website that helps Spanish speakers take control of their money in the United States.

The report includes an overview of marketing trends and successes, as well as detailed results and analysis. This is the first Monthly Review from JuntosAdelante, and are planned to release regularly to keep future sponsors and investors updated on the latest news and developments.

Visit for more information on Spanish personal finance website JuntosAdelante.

What is

JuntosAdelante is the first personal finance website for Spanish speakers in the United States. We are on a mission to grow financial literacy in the Spanish community while connecting Spanish speakers with Spanish resources.

To achieve this we create articles, social media content, videos, and personal finance calculators. is a bootstrapped company with 1 person doing everything at the moment.

Website User Engagement Statistics

Since our official relaunch on May 1st, 2022, has seen growth in both web traffic and user engagement.

In May-June of 2022, had a total of 137 (95 Unique) page views with an average session duration of 8:45 minutes.

Top Ten Pages

The most popular pages on in May-June were:

Top 5 States

The most popular states to visit Juntos Adelante in May-June were:

1) Missouri (62% of Traffic)

2) California

3) Illinois

4) Texas

5) South Carolina

Social Media Engagement Statistics

To date, JuntosAdelante has a social media following of:

Facebook: 3,578 (+7)

Instagram: 1 (+1)

TikTok: 0 (+1 Like - +232 Views)

YouTube: 434 Subscribers (8.5K Views - 257.3 watch Hours - +34 Subscribers)

Google Search Console Increase in Impressions + Clicks

In May-June, there was a significant increase in the number of impressions for in Google Search Console. Overall, there was a 265% increase in the number of impressions for pages when compared to the month of April.

Google Impressions: 84 (+265%)

Google Clicks: 2

Avg Position: 56.5

Avg CTR: 2%

Leads Generated

In the month of May, we were able to generate 6 leads for our referral partners

4 Auto Insurance Leads

2 Mortgage Leads

Goals For Q2


One of the main goals, is SEO on each page. We have 38 pages on the website.

As of May 2022, we have optimized 4 out of 38

Regular Posting

Another goal in Q2 is to post regularly on Facebook And Instagram to increase interactions and traffic

12 Blogs /Month

The final goal for Q3 is to post 12 blogs per month

Goals For Q3

Regular Posting

12 Blogs/Month

Bigger Presence on TikTok

About the Founder

Ricardo Martinez is the founder and CEO of www.JuntosAdelante. He started his career working in insurance and has founded 2 bootstrapped companies, and

CentralJA is a digital marketing company focused on helping restaurants and small businesses adapt to the changing digital marketing landscape, and was awarded the 2021 Hispanic Business Advocate of the Year by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan St. Louis.


If you are interested in sponsoring videos or advertising on, please contact us at

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